Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, I studied art from a young age and was introduced to music shortly thereafter. My attention was quickly drawn to the more elaborate and artistic looking guitars played by the relatively few. Throughout school, I studied the fundamentals of guitar design and construction, as well as, art school curriculum. After earning a Bachelors of Fine Art in sculpture, I focused my efforts on designing and constructing elaborate guitars.

Jonahan Plant carving out the acanthus bass

My guitars reflect a pursuit for unique and aesthetically pleasing designs without sacrificing function. Only the finest materials are selected for each instrument taking into account tone as well as figure. Designs are worked on over many conversations with a customer (sometimes over a period of several months). There are no “models” replicated and every instrument is carefully hand carved with chisels and rasps. Limiting output to three or four guitars a year allows me to focus on quality and spend the necessary time to create something truly unique and personal to each client.

                                                                                                                                         ~Jonathan Plant